Will we be another record in the fossilized bones of history?

Radical spirituality is a holistic approach to the experiences of life. Not just life as human but all life. It expresses itself through a universe that is probabilistic. Events occur to all of life not just human life. The universe itself is energy and at the microscopic level is quantum in nature. A quantum universe is a universe that is operating faster than the speed of light. Physicists call this non-locality. The slogan “how do bad things happen to good people” has its premise as well as it’s system of ethics created by the various cultures. There are good or bad events that happen and are personal. The cause of the experience is impossible to answer. Why is it impossible to answer? Because, it is based upon the premise that the universe does not operate “probabilistically.” And we now know when events occur they are occurring within the “speed of light as a constant.” And the action of the energy is a probability.

Religions of the world have been wrestling with the story or stories created from their cultures to answer the mystery of pain and suffering. Stories that are created to answer the mystery are basically a formula, a transaction, and a reward if the formula is followed correctly.

The difference between religion and spirituality is a basic life experience of the energy of the universe which has purpose. Purposive energy as a process has “teleology” and the answer is beyond the Capacity of the human animal to grasp the ungraspable. It is the fear of death of the personality that makes the human animal turn to the various religious fairytales for the answer. One of the greatest challenges the human animal has: Is it possible to live in the question without fear and suffering.

It is now time for the human animal to lose “hubris” and surrender to the question. If the human animal continues along the path now being followed and dictated by the fairytales it will end up as another record found in the fossilized bones of extinction of other forms of life.

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