Travail has its roots in “torture”

The word “travail” has no place within radical spirituality. It is an experience deeper than “pain-suffering” and is experienced by many as an instrument of torture. When the universe and the way it operates takes anthropomorphic characteristics the answers for the deeper expressions of pain-suffering is a result.

A personalized universe makes suffering and pain a form of religious grieving because the experience an explanations are directly related to “what have I done to deserve such torture and misery”? Trapped in the illusion for answers that have no answers, the universe becomes a personalized experience and takes on an anthropomorphic mind.

When you examine the characteristics that are given “to God or gods” they have a direct relationship to characteristics we find in our “significant others” and the anthropomorphic God gets angry, makes transactional demands and our illusionary experiences become anthropomorphized emotions and we wrap them in answers and questions “why me.”

When we discovered there was no such thing as an anthropomorphized God, our life experiences  we call “pain-suffering” become a form of personalized torture and travail becomes a more deeper painful experience because of the “cultural fairytales” we were taught. Answers became further and further away from our experiences.

Radical spirituality would claim it is your limited spiritual awareness that keeps you reinventing reasons for that which has no reason when birthed by a fairytale. There is no big daddy in the sky, there is no big ear in the sky that listens and allows you to anthropomorphize those characteristics you invented as your own cosmological bellhop. And in your travail, torture for an answer can never be given through fairytales.

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