Clarity is the Clearing of the Clutter

When the subterranean vaults are cleared of clutter, and radical spiritual awareness has shrunk the ego, the awareness of spiritual consciousness expands. This expansion moves in a transcendental direction. Ordinary consciousness, spiritual consciousness, and cosmic consciousness, all want consciousness and magnificent consciousness.

As consciousness evolves through these various awareness stages of evolution,  the awareness expands and the experience of ONENESS is free.

There is the beauty of the wind as it crosses the skin, creating rain[-blown freshness of a 4 AM bicycle ride.The outstretched hands of a toddler with just a dab of ice cream on his chin, as his eyes glow. The parting of the clouds as the light changes from darkness into magnificence; and the simplicity of all that is free.

All of nature “sings the harmony of mother’s beauty,” as we become more sensitive,  we also become more aware of the energy and the beauty that it brings.  As the journey  expands,  awareness  cries fourth the simplicity of peace and joy. Therefore you  are not being a (you) but simply a magnificently  evolved consciousness that will never know, only experience that the most precious of all experiences are free. For those who have eyes to magnify and ears to experience the melody of silence, the journey  is  simply “being magnified, and action being transformed until–?”

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