Jerusalem is a metaphor for semantic dementia and the Western religious stories

For the last 5000 years or more, there are two things constant, religious stories and war; it seems as though animal consciousness of mankind has lived in a reality of “semantic dementia.” Semantic dementia is a term defined as “a split between words and Acts and Action.” The city of Jerusalem is a metaphor for this reality. This region is referred to as “the holy land.” All three religious (monotheistic stories) have the same “sky God” and have their roots in Jerusalem and hold the temple as a “sacred” area in Jerusalem.

For the Jews, King David established in Jerusalem, the temple that Solomon built as the center of Jewish worship. Historically both Islam and Christianity have their roots and their holy writings built upon the Old Testament. The temple is sacred for all three religious stories. For Islam and the Sunni sect the temple at Jerusalem is where the prophet Mohammed was taken to heaven for one day and spent time with Abraham, David, Solomon, and Jesus. The five pillars of Islam were established by the prophet Mohammed and declared to be the final prophet of the “sky God” the Jews and Christians called Yahweh and Islam called Allah.

All three of the “sky God” stories, have books they call “holy” and all three of these various books have similar roots. For Judaism, Old Testament, Islam the Qu`ran, Christianity New Testament. The Islamic groups see Jesus as a prophet. In all three of these books, there are a variety of references of a moral code or law. The words which are given to the codes and laws translate into acts and actions such as: love of neighbor, compassion for the poor, giving of alms to the poor, and many others. In the Qu`ran is the word (TAWHID) and is translated as “Oneness.” Throughout various other themes in the Qu`ran is the direct proclamation that Allah is the compassionate and merciful, all of the great mystics in the Islamic religion have proclaimed the merciful, compassion, and the lobbied for others, as we are all “One.”

Throughout the Old Testament the basic foundations for both Christians and Islamic stories, is a history of the “sky God” willing to slaughter and kill thousands of people who were opposing the commandments and faith of the “sky God” they referred to as Yahweh. The book of Joshua filled with violence as well as various Psalms. Even in the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament and the law of Moses known by the Jewish and Christian story as the 10 commandments, forbids against murder the commandment “thou shalt not kill is a false translation, It really reads, “thou shalt not commit murder” not thou shalt not kill. This Old Testament God is depicted as a “sky God,” who is zealous (not jealous) another mistranslation. The book of Job sees love of the “sky God” as demanding and follows a formula, which is painful and cruel. Abraham is given a test which is to sacrifice his son, to prove his love for the “sky God.” When Abraham was willing to do this, “the sky God” rewards him for his love, by letting his son live.

Jerusalem is the center of three of these (stories) and demonstrates the complete opposite of what the  “various holy books” say, about how we treat one another .  A clear example of “semantic dementia” is having three stories connected to a platform of the external rule or rules,  and an angry and warring  ( sky God)  and the act and actions  do not connect to the application of the words  of the external laws and codes.

It was through the teachings of various doctrines ( knowledge-based)  two major ideologies developed  into  political-religious stories in the Western world.  The stories gave permission to their followers to wage war, hatred, and destruction.

The Jerusalem of today, is a metaphor  for the “madness” of the historical slaughter  of each one of these three religious stories, not only slaughter between the three competitive stories,  also slaughter within the stories themselves. Catholic-Protestant slaughter ,  Sunni-Shia slaughter,  and a whole host of other slaughter is the basic foundation for these acts and actions we find in the Old Testament.

In all three of these stories, you will find mystics who have experienced the sheer madness  of the results of “semantic dementia ”  as a justification for killing, warring, and anything which is in direct opposite of what their religious stories proclaim . When will this madness end? !

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