Radical Spirituality Expansion is a Strand within the Divine Mystery

Radical spirituality is a creation of Divine Mystery. The potential for expansion of spiritual reality is a strand of the tapestry of an entanglement, and is essential to the energy of purpose. Life is imbued with this potential; when spiritual answers are given by knowledge, the answer is a creation of the “ego.” When the answers no longer satisfies the spiritual experience, internal spiritual potentials of awareness begins to expand. It is the Divine Mystery that overrides the illusion of knowledge given to the “ego.” Simply stated, the answers given to religious questions, no longer explain the experiences given by the answers.

The divine mystery “as the mode of being,” is the potential for being Divine Being, when Acts and Actions, are manifested through a “clear vessel” whose consciousness is absolute certainty of magnificence; spiritual consciousness is expansive as it grasps the spiritual experience as a doubling back to a former spiritual awareness not yet expanded to a fuller spiritual awareness. This fuller awareness, answers questions driven by freedom, honesty, love, compassion and moves as a dialogue to create an expansive process. Illusions of the ego, confronted by the Divine Mystery, give way to the dialogue for honesty and truth, this dynamic process continues to emerge and is the process of the expansion. The reality of the spirit moves from the inner experience into the external world. It is not a separate action, but One.

Through spiritual consciousness of those who have the experience of the world as Divine reality, and reality resonates as a Field of Unfettered Love and Unfettered Compassion, creation-creator simultaneously move as One Divine mystery. The internal Field of Divine Reality becomes an illusion when consciousness is rooted in the “ego” and not the Divine Mystery.

The “ego” creates negatives as forms of spiritual control. “Thou shalt not, “no” or any other externally created negatives, creates the illusion of the external control. The purpose of these negatives is to create religious guilt, and quiets the growing consciousness of the internal experiences. These created negative experiences, questions spiritual freedom, and denies an opportunity for expanding spiritual reality.

Divine mystery and Divine Energy of Purpose is not “apotheosis.” (Transformation of man into God)- Transformation of animal nature into Divine Character is to remove the illusion of what you are given through “ego knowledge.” Divine character clears the ego illusions of clutter. And the experience of Spiritual Transformation is not from the “ego.” It is from a Field of Unfettered Love and Unfettered Compassion. Character expands and responds as a clear vessel and becomes a mode of being for the energetic purpose of manifesting through Act and Action in the external world. Be a doer to expand.

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