Quit going in spiritual circles

Spirituality is not  the deeper an altered state . It is a cleared state of awareness. It is the clutter in the “EGO” that holds you in a continuous return to the highs and lows. Meditation is not magic. It creates in time new chemistry for your brain and deepens your peace and frees you from meaningless chatter. Do not be fooled by those who want to sell you spirituality! Love and Compassion and a healed Wholeness comes from within the name is a deeper silence and an Energy of Purpose.

There are too many marketers who would like to lead you down the green path and not the free path to “who you are” and not what you are.” If you expect then you have not become the One with the One!  There is a lot of wisdom in this one statement,”Buyer be Ware!” Spirituality is no a commodity.

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