Radical spirituality is not “awesome”

The ego “is an internalization of dialogue. “Dialogue is made of words; words are made up from sounds and sounds are consensually validated to mean something. In the English language we have pets and we have the sound created for the word “dog.” The type nor breed is specified in the word “dog.” However, it has a concrete meaning in the English language and can be shared with meaning when having a dialogue with another human animal.

The word “awesome” has no such identifiable meaning in the English language when used in normal conversation. We hear the word as it relates to such things as “Crescent rolls,” “speed of the processors in the computer,” “new styles of shoes,” “the taste of your dinner,” assistance with your constipation and many, many, more references that include the word “awesome.” There are a number of words we use in the English language and in the English culture “USA culture” that are meaningless. It is hard to relate to the word “awesome” when referring to a “Crescent roll.

In the original form the word “awesome” referred to dread and over a period of time went through various etymological stages of change and became feelings of reverence to the Almighty as well as fear, and has as its first three letters “awe.” This meant that whatever it was producing was something grand, sublime, and extremely powerful, and finally it became fear and reverence for the God, or gods.

It is difficult to relate to one’s bowel movement as “awesome.” I have never experienced my “stool” or anything that will encourage the movement of that process as a product that would be considered “awesome.” So the next time that you have a “bowel movement” take a good look at it and see if you are having a feeling of reverence, fear, and your bowel movement was extremely powerful.

Radical spirituality will never use such a meaningless reference. When it is used in reference to Crescent rolls, speed of your computer, new styles of your shoes, the taste of your dinner, the type of the automobile you purchased, nor the products that created “awesome bowel movements.”

“Words have power and the more you use words that have absolutely no meaning the more you diminish the power of your words. Oh!, and by the way, have an awesome bowel movement!

Radical spirituality is not nationalistic

Two of the most deadly ideologies are religion and nationalism when they marry. They are able to  legitamize murder in the name of eithier a religious fairytale or a nationalistic ideology.

In the relative cultural religious  arena, protection and patriotism are an allegiance to some “fairytale” that promises certain forms of transactional  agreements that  would bring various forms of  protections and rewards.

Both of these organizational and  systemic ideologies produced the most insidious, illogical,  brutal  and Dracoian methods for killing . The killings are justified by ideologies  of relative cultural religions  and political  systems  merged into one killing machine. Quazi theocracies are substuted for lunancy.

To kill another human animal and justify the killing of that animal  and substatute killing over love has nothing to do  with  “spiritual awareness. ”  Today we live in a world  where the norm is not to ” love your enemy ”  rather the norm is to ” kill your enemy” and justify it by  ideological religious-political systems  created by  the ” human animals  ego  and call that “loyalty.” It is the heigth of the lowest form of spiritual awareness the  human animals( ego)  is able to invent.

Where does your ” spiritual awareness”  come from? Nationalism and- cultural religion or is it just plain ignorance !  The purpose of life,  “is life itself”  and no spiritual awareness can claim any ideology or relative religious fairytale  to falsify the energy of purpose, when it is covered by lunacy.

What the universe is not

The universe is not personal. Actions in the universe are probabilistic and  are  built on uncertainty. Any acts  which are manifested  from the universe are not directed to any one person, place or thing. All events therefore are random.

From the viewpoint of the development of the human being, all experiences are recorded from the sensory system. For example taste, touch, hear, see, and smell are created in a solipsistic subterranean universe. Solipsism is generally defined as, “the only real thing is the person holding the belief.” It is best described as, think, therefore I am everything. All belief systems are solipsistic systems and come directly out of the creation of the ego.

Emotions are created from the various solipsistic experiences and vary in strength. Another word for strength is valence and emotions are either postive emotions or negative emotions and their valences are determined by the experience interpreted by the solipsistic belief systems.

As human consciousness developed sounds from the external world created a consensus of meaning for the sound. These sound meanings we call words. Words create attitudes both are relative to the culture. Various contents are created by the religious stories. Language is relative.

What occurs is a solipsistic universe for each individual and is a false correspondence between a stimulus array in the brain state, interpreted by an experience stimulus. We call this isomorphic correspondence.For religions the various religious corrispondence were the stories program. This is the emotional-knowledge in the subterranean universe of each individual  creating a false relationship. All religions are relative creations of culture.

The content of the various religious stories make certain claims about the universe (God, a system created by the story to explain how it all works, and what the rewards are when you follow the formula). Since the universe is not personal, the probabilistic random events are experienced by the individual for both pleasure and painful events,and create a false correspondence. For example, a little child is run over by a truck and killed, the death of the child creates great pain for the family who has been following one of the six stories of which we have been examining. Because the contents of the story are not isomorphic with the nature of the universe, it creates more pain. The solipsistic belief systems of the universe are created directly by the ego.

For those on the spiritual path,  who have  experienced they are alive in the midst of eternity,  weakens the valence property of the emotions and strengthens the ability to bridle the emotions. Life and death of the personality are random events and can be used to teach us lessons.. Experiences teach us and expand our awareness and deepens our silence.

Spiritual consciousness is bold

Another word for bold is courage and to put the two words together without having them in the context of either philosophical or theological knowledge changed the tradition. Spiritual consciousness is a an existential  way of thinking and experiencing than the normal path through philosophy and theology. Historically the examination of “courage” was used in an existential context and the meaning was an individual experience.

There were a variety of viewpoints on the context of the word “courage” within existential analysis. For moral theologians “courage to be” was a view of one’s own existence in terms of one’s finiteness. For philosophers the term had to do with “being” the courage to exist in an authentically moral way. The term is based on rational external argument, not upon experience.

For the mystic the same term has nothing to do with an external rational world, it had to do with spiritual awareness. Every person, if they are willing to expand their spiritual consciousness will arrive at a new kind of experience which overcomes even the issues of being. Spiritual consciousness is an awareness of an internal experience.

It is through divine mystery internal awareness is expanded. In this expansion courage is not being. It’s about the willingness to expand in the face of a rational world and rational systems of organized religious bodies of which one has to let go. Culture is the creator of this illusion the choice to transcend culture is not usually a popular one. Being must have a mode and that mode is the divine mystery driven by the purpose of the energy which is life. All life is the purpose

. Although mystics usually exist within the organization, they are able to transcend the organization because of their internal spiritual awareness. Historically, organized religious bodies have made room for their mystics. The courage for today is to continue to expand bodies of spiritually conscious groups who are able and willing to bring about a new reality of spiritual awareness in order to create a new culture. The old religious models based on relative cultural stories must be replaced. Religion is an organization it is not a state of spiritual consciousness-which is wrapped in a tapestry. The tapestry is what creates the characteristics of actions and acts and comes from the various strands of the field. The actions manifesting in the external world are not from the ego-of the vessel.


In my last post, I quoted from the lyrics of Simon and Garfunkel song these words, “warning in the words being formed.” The energetic formation of the sound that carries “divine mystery” and ‘energy with the purpose” experiences the discovery of “silence.” It is in the deep energetic silence the fundamental experience of the “Field” is an energetic experience of Unfettered Love and Unfettered Compassion. The discovery comes from “deep speaking to deep” in a mystical experience without words or action. When our consciousness is compassion and love for others “without judgments” and our intent is coupled with our actions of love and compassion, our awareness expands silence and deepens. It is the platform upon which the dialogue of the deep brings about the “the forming of the words.”

The goal of the spiritual seeker is to quiet the mind and turn to the internal state. It is in the internal state of spiritual consciousness where the silence resides and the words begin to form. The goal is to merge limited consciousness within the Feld of Unfettered Love and Compassion. In this merger clarity is fully developed and the power of intuitive awareness is developed in the formation of the words that will become sound. A spiritually conscious person seeks to put into practice what is spoken in the sound of silence, it is in this state, formation is allowed to expand the spiritual awareness. The power of the wisdom wells up from the very depths of the silent soul, brings about any enhancement of various powers that are developed. Healing, heightened sensitivities to energies, and precognitive knowledge to name only a few.

All of the great religious traditions, in one fashion or another, have created the power in their particular culturally relative stories a periods of solitude. In this state of solitude the permeation of silence brings about the spiritual seekers time to confront the issues of ego. During this period of time a person stays focused on the internal experiences of consciousness, and in this uninterrupted silence a deeper walk is made possible, “and the words start to become formed into a sound coming from the depths of the silence. All great sages, prophets, mystics and spiritual seekers who experience death is an illusion experience the power of silence. The external world is based on a cognitive process that is different from a mystical process, the mystic has had extraordinary experiences which shifts his or her ordinary consciousness. When consciousness shifts from the external world to the internal world of silence a transformation begins. There becomes a great need on the part of the seeker who is undergoing transformation to deepen their inner walk, their inner silence, and there internal awareness without the clutter in the social interactions that occur in the external world. It is in silent solitude the seeker is able to step away from hustle and bustle of the demands of the external world and allow the words to form in the “sound of silence.”

The Lyrics of Troubadores are the natural warnings produced by the Divine Energy

The three troubadours whose lyrics since the 50s into the 70s say it all: their rioting in Africa their starving in Spain there are hurricanes in Florida and Texas needs rain. The whole world is festering with unhappy souls the French hate the Germans, Germans hate the polls, Italians hate Yugoslavs South Africans hate the Dutch and I don’t like anybody very much. Can we be tranquil and thankful and proud for man’s been endowed with the mushroom shaped cloud and we know for certain that some lovely day, someone will set the spark off and we will all be blown away. t
There rioting in Africa there is strife in Iran what nature does not do, it will done to us be by our fellow man.

Hello darkness, my old friend, comes to talk with you again, because of vision is softly creeping, left its seeds while I was sleeping, and the vision that was planted in my brain, still remain within in the sound of silence. In wrestless dreams I  walked alone, narrow streets of cobblestone, night handles  of a Street lamp, I turn my caller to the cold and damp when my eyes stabbed by the flash of the neon light that split the night and touched the sound of silence. And in the naked light I saw 10,000 people, maybe more.  People talking without speaking,  people hearing without listening. People writing songs that voices never share no one dare  disturb the sound of silence. “Fools,” said I,  “you do not know-silence like a cancer grow. Hear my words that I might teach you .Take my arms that I might reach you.”That my words like silent raindrops fell  and echoed in the  well’s of silence.  And the people bowed and prayed to the neon God they made,the sign flashed out its warning in the words that it was forming .and the sign said the words of the prophets are written on the subway wall’s  and tenement  halls and whispered the sound of silence.

“Imagine” a world at peace  without the barriers of border  or the divisiveness of religions and nationalities , and to consider the possibility that the focus of humanity  should be living a life unattended  to material possession . John Lennon The lyrics are the new profits for 21 century spirituality

The spiritual value of fairytale

Fairytale is in many  ways stories that carry the characteristics of a “Divine Character.” The characteristics of a “Divine Character” are qualities found in Universal Constructs. The content of the fairytale is different within the various constructs. These universal constructs are found in all of the culturally relative religious fairytale. (religion) Love, compassion, kindness, servant, integrity, generousity, to name only a few.

These universal constructs are in many ways the detritus of myth. And communicate the universal construct in their simplest form that children can use for spiritual development of the Sacred. Fairytale carries the myths of nature, thunder, lightning, rain, and assist in reducing fear and separation from the “natural world” from which all life has evolved from Mother Earth.

Fairytales are generally thought of as products of India and are part of Aryan common heritage and can be traced by the remains of their language. As primitive man moved and wandered, the fairytale went through various changes to fit the experiences of the various group’s that finally became tribes, stationary civilization’s and the foundation of explanation of a whole host of different cultural explanations of events and situations.

Each one of the various cultures were having to confront the unknowable and in need of an explanation. The origin of these fairytales are products of fantasy taking on concrete identity as mankind’s consciousness expanded and evolved.

Fairytale,and all of their origins, is not just one of these explanations, but in all probability all four of these various positions. The challenge for mankind is to create more contemporary fairytale that speak to the conditions around the globe within a 21st century reality, even a child can understand. Divine character is a continuing evolutionary process and is not filled with relative cultural belief systems of morals. We are “One” and the unity is built upon a foundation of Unfettered Love and Unfettered Compassion for all of nature and the products created by natural processes, that we call, in the “English language” life.